Existing Application Applications in Android Smart Watches

Some smart watches offer more customization options. For example, Samsung Gear S3 uses the Gear Manager application on your mobile to decide which warnings you receive on your wrist. There is also a Smart Relay feature. Simply lift your phone with the notifications displayed on your Gear clock open the appropriate application on the larger screen.

With Apple Watch, you can adjust notification settings in the Apple Watch app for iOS. You can reflect or adjust your iPhone notifications.

Application and call

The smart watch category is mature and some models now have hundreds or even thousands of applications.

Apple Watch offers a list of the most comprehensive applications with more than 20,000 applications available, including ESPN, MapMyRun, Uber and even Rosetta Stone. You can do everything from controlling lighting with the Philips Hue app to ordering lunch without problems. There is an Apple Application Store designed to install this application on the Apple Watch application for iOS.

Moto 360 and Android Wear App Store.

Even though Google hasn’t published official figures yet, OS Wear has thousands of applications that are optimized for its platform. Install the application directly on the clock instead of having to go through your smartphone first. OS Use many applications similar to watchOS, including Lyft, which allows you to plan trips, and WhatsApp, which lets you answer messages with your voice.

Other proprietary systems, especially the Samsung Tizen OS for Gear S3 and Gear Sport, are missing in the application department. This platform currently offers around 1,400 applications.

Almost smart Watch are now available with LCD color screens or AMOLED screens that allow you to see photos, applications and other content in colors that are stronger and tend to be brighter. The prize is a shorter battery life, although smart watch manufacturers increase device efficiency.

The color screen consumes so much energy that many hours turn off the screen idle, so you can’t see the clock without activating the device. LCD screens are usually thicker than OLED. Therefore, Apple has developed the first OLED screen for the first generation Apple Watch to make it as thin as possible. Samsung developed the first intelligent OLED watch called Galaxy Gear in 2013.

Not in vain The Apple Watch only works with the iPhone. On the Apple Watch application, which was pre-installed for the iPhone, you will find WatchOS App Store. There you can install a watch version of your favorite iOS application or find a new one: In this store you can find everything from games to fitness tracking applications to the most common productivity improvements so you can get notifications from Slack or view View on trello cards -card.

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